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Poverty leaves too many unaware of the ‘American dream,’ official says

By Colin McEvoy

Pennsylvania state Rep. Dave Reed is a Republican. But when it comes to fighting poverty, he doesn’t have much nice to say about either political party.

“It sometimes seems like Republicans don’t want to believe poverty exists or that government has any role in getting out of it, while Democrats fall all too often into thinking that if we give money to the same programs, somehow we’ll get a different result,” said Reed, R-Indiana.

Reed and state Rep. Justin Simmons, R-Lehigh, led a roundtable discussion today with two dozen elected officials and community leaders that focused on finding ways to alleviate poverty.

Reed said Jan. 8 is the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson declaring a War on Poverty, but 26 million Americans still live in poverty despite $7 trillion in national spending to fight it since 1964.

“We’ve got too many folks not just not living the American dream, but not even knowing there is an American dream, and that’s a sad state of affairs in America,” Reed said today at Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentown.



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