Unionville Times on Chester County Roundtable

Until there is a collective will to really address poverty, things won’t get better

By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times

COATESVILLE — With wealth bordering on abundance t times in Chester County, it can be difficult to confront the truth that for many here — arguably far too many — poverty remains a stark reality and a reality that in recent years has gotten worse.

This past week, six state representatives — five from Chester County — held a free-wheeling discussion with groups from around the county to look at what could be done. The discussion was led by State Rep. Dave Reed — majority chair of the House Policy Committee. Reed has been traveling the state, looking closely at the issue of poverty and its related symptoms from crime to hunger.

Reed, a Republican from Indiana County, admits that not everyone has been supportive of his study of poverty. He notes that some of his fellow Republicans don’t see poverty as a serious issue or at least one that needs so much attention, while Democrats don’t seem to think he’s serious.

“Both parties want to stick to their talking points,” Reed said.



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