Rep. Stern on Policy Committee’s Tour and Discussion with Dr. Zane Gates


I was honored to host the Republican Policy Committee to Blair County to tour Dr. Zane Gates Health Clinic.

SternAs we look for ways to offer health care coverage for the working poor, this operation in Blair County is a model to emulate for the entire Commonwealth.

UPMC Altoona has saved millions of dollars in unreimbursed costs by reducing the number of patients having to use their Emergency Room.

They have done this by investing into a partnership with Dr. Gates. Through better interaction between doctors and health care professionals working alongside pharmaceutical personnel in his clinic, they can help educate patients in preventive care.

I have referred many constituents that work several jobs but can’t afford insurance to his office.

They place an emphasis on patient care, not whether you have the proper form of insurance coverage. Actually, they offer an insurance plan for $99 month that has comparable coverage that major insurance companies would like to be able to offer.

The way they offer health care to needy patients that have no place to turn, other than an ER visit, is a community treasure and saves thousands of trips to UPMC Altoona’s Emergency Room, thus providing better care at a more efficient price for everyone.


-Rep. Jerry Stern (R-Blair)
80th Legislative District


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