Committee Meets with the United Way of Allegheny County


Continuing our efforts to focus on ways Pennsylvania can better combat poverty, my staff and I met with the United Way of Allegheny County on Tuesday, July 30, to discuss the organization’s work in addressing poverty in our communities.

The team from the United Way, which is known nationwide for its community outreach and support initiatives, provided us with perspective on ways to help streamline the state’s existing anti-poverty efforts to promote better service to Pennsylvania families.

Several of the challenges faced by low-income living in poverty could be better alleviated by simplifying the current system. Many times, when folks are in need of assistance, emergency aid or simply access to job training and employment opportunities, they are forced to jump through so many hoops that it makes it difficult to get a step ahead.

The team from the United Way provided some very good suggestions and offered their ongoing support as we work to develop new solutions to create gateways out of poverty. Engaging with groups like the United Way, lawmakers have the opportunity to learn more from the people who serve as the “boots on the ground” in our state’s effort to combat poverty.

They also provided good suggestions relating to performance measures of existing anti-poverty programs. It is imperative that as we work to address the day-to-day challenges faced by those living in poverty that we ensure the programs currently in place are working as they are intended.

I appreciate the time and effort offered by the United Way of Allegheny County, and I look forward to working with them throughout this process.


- Rep. Dave Reed (R-Indiana)

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